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Summary :

Ludo Janssens, Civil Engineer, Founder of "Scarpino Consulting," an independent IT-organisational and business development consulting practice.

With many years of experience I have build my own project approach (DTE Workmethod (*1)) in how to realize companies missions at moments these companies had come to a point of important change in their organisation, mostly driven by a new acquisition event or merger activity.

Advising companies who are prepared to change their world for the better with innovative technology, improved and adapted processes and business engineering models (The Right Enterprise Architecture (*2))  .

I'm an innovative change advisor, focussed on driving profitable and sustainable business growth in a renewed situation.

I respect and admire Companies who have the fortitude to do what is right, focus on long term growth and build truly customer-centric organizations.

In most of the missions i accomplished in the past, i went from 'Building the Approved Plan' to 'Final Realization' (so from A to Z). Most of these missions and programs took around  one to  in some cases several years of execution. 

Today i focuss more on  the  advising role to CEO's, CIO's and other domain responsible people within companies whereby  i can assist and advise the 'day to day'  Program/Project Manager in building & reviewing  his Transformation Plan and its execution.

​Some recent references :

✔ Program Manager in the creation process of  VIVIUM insurance company, as an independent advisor and program manager in merging  'Zurich Insurance Belgium' and afterwards integrating 'ING Insurance Belgium' on the 'P&V-insurance' platform creating a 'Common Logical Information Platform (CLIP)'

✔ Program Manager in the creation of   CRELAN Bank, as an independent advisor and program manager in merging Centea Bank from KBC bank (650 Agencies) into 'Crédit Agricole Belgium' Bank' creating ONE adapted information platform.

✔ Several missions for GARTNER group as well national as international.

✔ Further a number of change Programs and projects for KRAFT foods, VAN ROEY, ING, BANKSYS (WorldLine), BALOISE, DEXIA, IBM (IS4F)BELFIUS, UNISYS, VOLVO Car, SANTENS Engineering.

For more details on realizations : ask for my CV by mail and/or check my profile on 'LinkedIn'.

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ir Ludo Janssens : Founder and Managing Director.

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Provide to your company : 
(*2) The Right enterprise architecture :
Does it seem that your employees are working harder and harder, yet your company is still losing ground? That you've formulated a rock-solid strategy, yet your company still can't get ahead? That you monitor the market, listen to your customers, and respond to competitors' moves, but your results are still lukewarm?

IF SO,  you need to build a solid foundation for business execution - an IT infrastructure and digitalized business processes that automate your company's  core capabilities.
Probably we can help you !
"Enterprise Architecture as a Strategy"

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(*1) The 'DTE' Workmethod :
Next to the importance of for example PMI, Prince II, ITIL, COBIT and many other equally unmistakable supporting methodologies, those will and can never be the ultimate warranty to success. I have worked out my own 10 success-formulas, those i find indispensable and decisive to reach  result and final success (supplementary to the above mentioned). I have started to describe those in more detail and they have become Scarpino's formula's to reach Successfull Project Result. 
•   Drive :Providing autonomy and responsibility.
•   Motivation: How to motivate myself and team.
•   Coaching: How to select, develop, motivate and coach.
•   Confidence: How to build trust : With all stakeholders.
•   Change: How to implement change in organizations.
•   Creativity: How to develop creativity (in teams).
•   Crafting: how to work  in a human centered manner.
•   Communication :Bring clear messages at all levels.
•   Risk Management :Identificate & mitigate in early stage.
•   Recognition, Trust, Respect for Effort & Professionalism.

So Scarpino developped this workmethod" under the name "DTE", it is the shorter name for 'DMCCCCCCRR'-method -). I call it also the 'Down To Earth' Method.
Objective : Go for COST effective Project RESULT.
"Disentangles complexity - Goes For Result"